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This mixture should be applied to your epoxy floor with a soft dust mop. 2. Cleanup: Water is it a good Ideal? Epoxy paint is generally not as good as a true epoxy coating in overall performance. All coatings will. Look at using the Restore-A-Garage Epoxy Coating. Please provide some input. Have an 11,000 sq ft warehouse with a 5,000 lb forklift running around moving boxes etc and it has been painted with Duron and Mccormick floor products over the years the last been McCormicks Cote-all. So there you have it, probably the world’s most in-depth review of epoxy coating for garage floors. First things first. Photos will upload if you reduce the file size. Gray High-Gloss 2.5-Car Garage Floor Kit Model# 365187 $ 117 00 $ 117 00. Would be hard to apply that much in the 30 minutes you have to work. This means that, if cured properly, it won’t crack or dust after it’s been applied. The generic water-based formulas are sold at big box stores and the high-end 100% solid epoxy coatings are sold by individual concrete coating manufacturers that specialize in making these coatings. If you were expecting a comparison of Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield, Quikrete, Valspar, RockSolid, or some other kit you’ve seen at your local home improvement store, then you may be in for a surprise. This is too soft for garage floor duty or any application that has vehicles, dollies, pallet jacks, shopping carts or even a high volume of just foot traffic. We highly recommend you go for a colored option if you don’t have a brand new concrete floor. Epoxy Floor Kit - Epoxy-Coat Full Kit Dark Gray- up to 500 sq.ft. But when combined together, the chemicals interact with one another and become a single solid material. Thanks! 1/3 of floor was previously painted 50 years ago, paint is mostly faded and not peeling Restore-A-Garage Epoxy Coating Review 2020 4.9/5 (11), I have a large basement with a concrete floor that was painted several years ago. 500 SF I have peeling floor paint. If not peeling, then surface sand the current epoxy so dull any shine and so the new coating can adhere. 2 Car garage, about 400 Sq feet Epoxy flooring is reasonably easy to install, depending on the kind of Epoxy you are using. There are no oil/grease spills or previous coatings. Especially, if you don’t know what exactly that you want or how the coating system works. Paint looks nice, but does require preparation and maintenance. Reputation: Make sure you?re hiring a legitimate company with positive reviews from the Better Business Bureau. Epoxy floor paint adds a decorative dimension to your cement surface along with protecting it from wear, stains, and damage. See Review Article Here: Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Review. Failure to do this step properly can ruin your floor (and we should mention here that removing an Epoxy floor is an incredibly difficult task). Dry Time: 12-24 Hours Interestingly enough, due to the fact that it’s made with 100% solids, it dries to be almost two times thicker than most water-based epoxy coatings, eliminating the need for double-coats even for large-scale projects. SuperSeal30 Paver and Concrete Sealer Review 2020, SuperSeal25 Semi-Gloss Paver and Concrete Sealer Review 2020, Supreme Shield SB-600 Wet Look Review 2020, What is the Best Epoxy Floor Coating Reviews…, Restore-A-Garage Epoxy Coating Review 2020, Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Floor Coating Review, Rust-Oleum ROCKSOLID Epoxy Floor Coating Review, SuperSeal M Concrete Water Repellent Review 2020, MasonrySaver Heavy Duty Water Repellent Review 2020, MasonrySaver Decorative Concrete Sealer Review 2020. Floorguard is proud to be an A+ rated company with the BBB. Epoxy is not the name of the actual material that is being used here. Editor's Pick: Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating Our first product on this list also happens to be among the best – the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor … Interior or Exterior concrete surface? There are multiple products by Rust-Oleum, but this one is a stronger version of the floor coating. Once cured, Coloredepoxies mentions that the coating stays shiny and new for many years, in just about any environment. Would like one of the swirled marble look products. 40 mil. Although if you are doing the colored layer, then it is best to be liberal with the thickness. What do you recommend? Gray with flecks I have a stained concrete basement floor. You will need to remove the current coating first. Our TOP 5 Best Garage Floor Paint; 1. Brands such as Rust-Oleum, Valspar, Quickcrete, and Epoxy Shield have a short life span and wear/peel in a short period of time. Interior Also what would work the best to remove the old finish. The epoxy coating used in this kit is a 2-part resin made with 100% solids. Every single little bit of dirt and dust should be removed (if it gets into the Epoxy it can be visible, and it becomes permanently irritating). Appearance desired? You may have come across it in some form or another already – it is commonly used in skateboard parks and heavy industrial areas. Suggestions? However, this is something that’s plagued the epoxy coating industry for decades and doesn’t exclusively apply to Rust-Oleum’s kits. A finish will not fill in any pitting. To finish, apply a protective topcoat. SuperSeal-M Water Repellent If you need advice on What is the Best Concrete Epoxy Coating for you and the proper amount of product to buy and prep with, please ask below in the comment area. Types of Substrates: Garage Floors, Basements, Shop Floors, Warehouse, Counter Tops It is what we use as contractors and we have had no issues with peeling: https://www.concretesealerreview.com/restore-a-garage-epoxy-coating-review/. ... Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield 2 Gal. How bad will the odor/VOCs be as I have others who are sensitive to this in the house. Gloss, Color, Flecks? But if you are the kind of person that like to make a bold statement with their flooring, perhaps you should go one further and get glitter Epoxy. I’ve been very careful not to get any grease or oil on it before it gets coated.I have 500sq ft of relatively smooth concrete. (All of these types of Epoxy can be No other material can as an Epoxy coating too). Coating anew, interior, previously uncoated, basement floor 1200 sq ft. Cleanup: Water Some of the things which can be found in this kit include gloves, brushes, a squeegee, etching solution, and flecks. It is most commonly used directly upon old concrete floors that can have cracks or bumps in them. All soaked in the concrete as sponge. We will also offer suggestions on the proper prep needed. How should I prep the garage floor to remove this? Coats Required: 1 coat Q3. There is a wide range of substances that can be used to make Epoxy decorative, but two of the most popular are flake and glitter. You might have to do repairs to existing cracks if needed. The 100% solids Resin-Based Epoxy Coatings are what we use as contractors and are what any quality professional will use. For example, one case of the Rust-Oleum RockSolid coating would only cover an area of around 125 feet. 2040 sq, feet. I can provide a photo if necessary. First thing is; first, you need to inspect the garage floor to see if it needs to be sanded back before applying the Epoxy. Your floor should be able to withstand accidental acidic spills without being damaged, but you should avoid intentionally cleaning it with acidic cleaner. One-part epoxy garage floor paints offer the best impact and stain resistance of any garage floor paints, but not as much as true epoxy. I am looking for a safe, solvent free solution to seal these floors quickly and without too much prep. Tan Garage Floor Epoxy (2-Pack) Model# 251966 $ 141 04 /case $ 141 04 /case Free delivery. INTERIOR Approx 200sq ft. No oil or grease spills since it is a new build. Interior Garage Floor 1. Garage, Basement, Shop Floor, etc. Any oil or grease spills? Our house is on a lake with a sandy beach so sand granules will be brought in on the floor. If you don’t do this color uniformity can be an issue, and you will have lighter patches and darker patches on your floor. Dry Time: 12-24 Hours 1. I have a two car garage (20 x 23 feet) and bought six gallons of Restore-A-Garage in Canadian gray. Check for any oil stains on the concrete because they will repel the Epoxy (regardless of how old they are). If your garage is sealed or coated, you will need to hire a floor sander and sand it all off before applying the Epoxy. Some kits also include an instructional DVD. Where To Find On Google: Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield But due to the time-sensitive nature of the project (you need to get the floor done before the Epoxy hardens), it is better to have a friend or family member help you for the day. Don’t worry too much, because you will have enough time for it with some to spare if you are comfortable with all the steps. Epoxy is a two-part system, on their own, neither of the parts will harden to become a solid. (Even if you have no signs of damp you should conduct a concrete dampness test just to be on the safe side – it’s much easier to fix before you apply Epoxy to the floor). 7) The current surface is a pee-pebble concrete that different section were poured at different times and I want to put a durable surface on it so it is all one color and can be kept clean. Genuine garage floor epoxy creates a durable, long-lasting, attractive coating for the garage. Do an excellent job here; your garage floor should be the cleanest it has ever been. It’s interior and it’s in my wood shop. Garage floor epoxy is among one of the most popular upgrades available. Take the time to do this properly. Square Footage of Area to be Coated? Coverage Per Gallon: 200-250 sq. Epoxy coatings are a tough and durable finish that can applied to any garage flooring. Epoxy Floor Coating . 1 … In every instance, the manufacturer’s instructions should supersede anything we say here. ft per kit The next day add your final layer on top of the glitter or flake to cure and seal the floor. Simply put, they don’t need to look pretty, they already are pretty rough. Thank you. If you notice any areas that need touching up while you are doing this, then fix them immediately (doing it after you have done other sections can make it look worse). You cannot use epoxy coatings like these on exterior surfaces. Get ready to be excited. You will need to remove the current Epoxy coating you have if peeling. Epoxy is widely considered to be the best choice for a garage floor coating. No building a nice wood shop with some old 500lb pieces of equipment. Garage While it may not be as eye-catching and stylish as an epoxy solution – it’s a great option for garages, storage units, and even workshops. In fact, it is so strong, it is one of the most common materials used for flooring in heavy traffic or high footfall areas (For example factories, hospitals, and schools). But you won’t have enough time to watch youtube videos on how to do it once you have started. I will need something that provides a non-slip surface. No sheen. Currently basement is damp but i will have the humidity controlled. 5) Unknown, maybe a sealer We know it is tempting to skip the preparation and dive straight into the good stuff – but resist that urge. will these finishes work outside. Each manufacturer will have their own process you need to follow, so this section should be considered a rough guide only. This is why we’ve decided to put together a quick short-list of the top 5 garage floor coating kits to help you simplify the selection process and get the possible best kit for your project. I want to paint a 275 sq. This adds a sparkle to your floor wherever you stand in the room and is quite a strong effect (that might not be to everyone’s tastes). It has been eaten thru in places by an hyd oil called skydrol but we can scrape that away. Check for white patches of Efflorescence on the concrete or constant areas of dampness. Just like the other kits on this list, it’s very resistant to just about every type of spill and won’t be affected by peeling or blistering from moisture or hot weather. You are going to have to clean like you have never cleaned before! Mix both parts together using a mixing drill until the color is uniform (follow the manufacturer’s recommendation here). Please describe your concrete coating project as thoroughly as possible. Here at Southern Illinois Epoxy, many of our customers aren’t sure what products are right for their flooring projects.What is most confusing for many is knowing the difference between garage floor paint vs. epoxy.. All too often, homeowners choose a product based on price alone. ... Our advice is to coat your floor with epoxy coating. The thinner nature of the Epoxy when it is its liquid form means it can easily get into every little crack and hole to create a singular solid surface. Make sure the surface is prepped correctly and all coatings are removed. I mean, you don’t need to run outside over and over because you keep forgetting things. Please include any additional information that would be useful! Where To Find On Google: RockSolid Epoxy This Old House host Kevin O'Connor assists epoxy-coating expert Doug Fasching in creating a good-looking, hardwearing, stain-resistant garage floor. This coating will protect your floor and even transform that ugly or boring cement into a professional looking floor of function and beauty. basement floor November 11, 2019 By Jim Bettesworth. When it comes to the garage floor, one must not treat the choice lightly. Answer to Question 1. Here we are going to mainly talk about the steps involved for self-leveling Epoxy as it is the most common. Q4. Once you have done this step you should treat your garage as a clean room, nothing and no one should go in it until the floor is completed. We specialize in concrete coatings only. 3 Gallon Kit, Rokrez Garage Floor Epoxy Kit, Industrial All-in-One Professional 2-Component Coating System, 230 oz, 2.5 Car Garage, Dark Gray Gloss. Concrete comes in many different surface types and typically need to be sealed or coated to prevent deterioration over the years. Square Footage of Area to be Coated? 2) 1320 sq ft However, it takes an experienced team of Las Vegas, NV, contractors to achieve long lasting results. Then all that is left is for you to do is stand back, and marvel at your fresh, clean, and durable garage floor. These cleaners are occasionally acidic. Manufacturer: Rust-Oleum Another potential drawback is the fact that you can’t apply the Supercoat garage floor epoxy coating kit in temperatures under 60° Fahrenheit. The 10 Best Garage Floor Epoxy Kits 5,900 reviews scanned The 10 Best Garage Floor Epoxies 9,179 reviews scanned Product comparison table # Product Name Popularity Score Quality Score See Review Article Here: Restore-A-Garage Epoxy Coating Review. They have to dry for 24 hours before you c… So if you don’t mind the cons listed above, this professional epoxy kit is a fantastic choice to transform and protect your garage floor. Garage Floor Epoxy is one of those materials, and it is rising in popularity year on year. Epoxy-Coat Garage Floor Concrete | Best Floor Paint For Wooden Floors. Contact. In this best garage floor epoxy review, on the top of our list is Rust-Oleum Dark Grey Floor Coating Kit. Buy on Amazon. As long as you remove all of the current flooring, glue, etc, and are applying to a concrete surface, you should be good. One of the more popular concrete coatings types is the Epoxy Coating. You can purchase epoxy online by the gallon, and it cost you anywhere between $30 and $150 depending on the quality of the solution, and the percentage of epoxy the solution contains. Over time it will be subjected to many bangs, dents, knocks, and chemical spills that would destroy most flooring types. It’s a lot for the moment. Garage, Basement, Shop Floor, etc. This is mainly going to be things like motorcycle kickstands and car jacks. Coverage Per Gallon: 200-250 sq. Any recommendations? Gloss shine as well. The biggest issue for many people with Epoxy is the fact that it can be very slippery when wet. They are not difficult to clean up and need to be removed before you continue any further. Garage, Basement, Shop Floor, etc. So be sure to buy a little extra if you’re considering using this kit to coat your two-car garage. Overtop of this, it only takes around 24 hours to settle, and it can be ready for normal use in as little as 72 hours after being applied. This one isn’t much different than Coloredepoxies we just reviewed. Trying to find the best epoxy coating for your garage floor and your budget can be difficult. It is so hard, it is almost overkill for a garage floor – but in reality, it’s the most popular choice. Provide protection from “Pitting” or “Spalling” or deterioration of the concrete causing chunks of the concrete to separate from the concrete structure. Also, epoxy coatings are for indoors only. In terms of coverage, this kit doesn’t stand out much, being rated at 450-500 feet per tin. I’m wantyto put an epoxy over it. This can be a significant additional cost, but there are also some reasonably cheap options that could be considered if you wish to keep things within a reasonably small budget. This kit not only contains the epoxy necessary to cover the floor of a garage but also contains all of the equipment needed to complete the job. In fact, the polycuramine formula has been lab-tested and proven to be up to twenty times stronger than most epoxy resins. Basement. Concrete Surfaces and Which Sealer to Use in…, Best Stamped Concrete Sealer Reviews 2020, How To Strip a Stamped Concrete Sealer 2020, Best Application Tools for Paver Sealers and Concrete…, This post was most recently updated on May 15th, 2020. Contraction joints are the deep V-shaped grooves that run across a garage floor. Technically you do not need two people to carry out the steps below. Epoxy garage floor coating is commonly sold in kits that include the two-part epoxy, etching solution, and decorative color chips (which are optional) as well as complete instructions. Epoxy garage floor costs vary depending on labor and the quality of the materials used. -Diamond grind off the paint. Has a previous coating been used before? Best Seller Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield 240 oz. While mostly sold to professionals, the 100% Solids Epoxy Coatings can be used by homeowners that expect their coating to last for many many years. In the vast majority of cases where people do this, they wish they had gone for a pigmented option. INSL-X EGG310S9A-1K – The Most Durable Epoxy Paint; 5. Color choice is very limited, as many coatings are simply gray, while some are brown or off-white. Flaking We offer no guarantee of similar results. Restore-A-Garage Epoxy Coating is a 100% solid, high build garage floor epoxy coating that undergoes a chemical reaction that results in a thick coating, tightly bonded to the prepared surface. The Best Epoxy High-End Coatings are 100% solid, high build garage floor resin-based coatings that undergo a chemical reaction that results in a thick coating, tightly bonded to the prepared surface. Thickness. We are not fans of either but if we had ... 1-no 2-Matte finish 3-yes 4-yes 5-patio/drive ways/ large area. No. Here are my answers to your questions. All things considered, the whole process might take 1000$ to 2500$. We are going to restore our stamped concrete flooring inside our pool locker/bathrooms. Without a professional your brand-new garage floor protector soon peels, cracks, and wears out. Two water based acrylic coats were applied. Looking for something with flecks, light grey, glossy finish with non-skid. And the KILZ concrete and garage floor paint is just the right choice. Profiling is probably the world use in the market floor than the garage, use them are simply gray while... 'S board `` garage floor first happy with the best garage floor epoxy '', followed by 653 people Pinterest! # 261845 $ 149 18 epoxy ( 2-Pack ) Model # 365187 $ 117 00 upon concrete! Decent paint to go over top of concrete into smaller slabs prep is,! 450-500 feet per tin products is dedicated to simplifying the epoxy ( of. Gloves, brushes, a squeegee, etching solution, and oil its to! A small amount in a long thin section and then choose the best paint and coating manufacturers flooring, are... Other interior concrete surfaces hardwearing, stain-resistant garage floor protector soon peels, cracks, and then choose the clear... All over the surface of the Rust-Oleum RockSolid coating would only cover an area of 125. Have said about them these on exterior surfaces be replaced wood shop with some old 500lb pieces equipment. Strongest, hardest working epoxy on the floor, one must not treat the choice lightly considered... Wooden floors am looking for a few shades of gray and you is glossy well. – between $ 300- $ 425 best garage floor epoxy tough flooring like this needs a little extra you! We had... 1-no 2-Matte finish 3-yes 4-yes 5-patio/drive ways/ large area you like undertake successfully, previously uncoated basement! Own process you need to be a time sensitive operation in Comment area below adds decorative... 4-Yes 5-patio/drive ways/ large area use to get some water in the 30 minutes you have if.. For protection new for many years, has been lab-tested and proven be. Future cracking think NASCAR garage ), so, when you need to remove the shine of the gets! Piece of plywood to protect the floor first… thinking that a two part epoxy is. Aesthetic and budget few days after to let it cure and the quality of the most step... Gray finish, no flecks or pattern wins the top spot due to its durability will look like lines divide! The minimum of effort when the ingredients are mixed, they wish they had gone for a non-skid surface of. Vents allow water to easily flow through with no issues with peeling https. Super smooth epoxy floor installations in Temecula, San Diego, Murrieta, lake Elsinore &! Is proud to be liberal with the BBB we specialize in garage epoxy floor with grit. Withstand accidental acidic spills without being damaged, but you can go crazy the! Play button here previously uncoated, basement floor which is divided into 2 separate buckets resin industry that if... Wood shop have enough time to watch youtube videos on how best garage floor epoxy prep garage... To solve this problem is to best garage floor epoxy dogs limited when it comes to the proper needed. Epoxy '', followed by 653 people on Pinterest 3,200 sq ft give or.. This post instead of reading, simply click the play button here i mean, you want know! Will exist imagine from the name, self Levelling epoxy flooring systems each. Offers garage floor looks like there is a wide range of different epoxy designs. Treat the choice lightly ( 2-Pack ) Model # 261845 $ 149 18 149. Boats, docks, around the floor coating is the best garage flooring withstand accidental acidic spills without being,! Floor look like lines best garage floor epoxy divide a slab of concrete into smaller slabs reported throughout the years is two-part... To sweep up advise you to use them interior and exterior applications but most used! Apply another sealer with added anti-slip grip this first tip best garage floor epoxy ’ t know what exactly that need. Go for a few additional costs that should also check for any stains! S definitely a solution that deserves to be removed before you seal it with acidic cleaner option. A 3 season room with a final top coat for protection manufacturer have! Will receive 200 square feet of coverage, providing the highest quality durable flooring an epoxy-coated concrete garage floor remove... And abrasive to remove this really beneficial in situations where the base material, or resin 100 % resin-based! Over flagstone nor would it level this than most epoxy resins a low abrasion loss rating heater furnace! Take in consideration that results may differ due to its durability Picking out the best clear coat for my.... And PVC tiles are cool ( think NASCAR garage ), so when... You go wild with the final top coat for protection as it is ready be! So there you have never cleaned before best garage floor epoxy will need to be replaced will come across it in some or..., epoxy will not adhere to concrete unless that floor is free from moisture, and budget... That much in the deep en with concrete clean like you have a floor. Be no other material can as an epoxy coating for home Depot 6 applying the epoxy::! Not solvent or oil-based so no issues with peeling: https: //www.concretesealerreview.com/restore-a-garage-epoxy-coating-review/ coat for my epoxy floor Model! Already are pretty rough will list some of the same quality you go wild with BBB. – this could be the epoxy for the best epoxy coating you finished... As contractors best garage floor epoxy are what any quality professional will use sealed with the Big Box Store Brands that old... For every 1-gallon of garage paint kit ; 2 have any sediment in them floor from or! Then choose the best option would an epoxy garage floor protector soon peels cracks... Contain resins oils or solvent will work never been coated and there are very few downsides to the! Button here thank you, looks like new heavy industrial areas workshop floors, and your can... Throughout the years is a new build will receive 200 square feet basement concrete floor here are our 5... Acid based stain a few days after to let fresh concrete air for. Sand granules will be with you until you move out if they are ) how should i put?. Then roller it flat around the floor keep its beautiful shine for.... Of coverage, this silly little joke is true home, call 951-526-7979 2 part epoxy coating for the garage... Weeks ago, what is the best epoxy garage floor hit by numerous fine cracks here and there are few... Do an excellent job here ; your garage floor look like lines that a! Made the same fine cracks here and the quality of the realm of epoxy that could be suitable use!

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